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Unseen Gallery

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3107 Eubank, #31, in Albuquerque.  Weíre open from 10-4 Thursday through Saturday, as well as any other time someone is in.   Also open by appointment. Call (505) 232-2161 or email us to make an appointment.


See whatís currently on our wall. Also, online shopping for Unseen Gallery art.


Schedule of all events at the Gallery.


Detailed descriptions of each class.


Hand made magnetic art prints. You can buy these at the shop, or order online.  There are 60 images shown here, but many more to choose from at the Gallery.


Fine art coloring books featuring drawings by Darla Hallmark.  Fantasy, Paganism, and Erotic books can be ordered online.  There is one more book only available at the shop.

A strange little shop. Featuring a constantly changing display of Fantasy, Mystic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Erotic, and other unusual arts.  Classes in everything from drawing, to leather work, to mandala cutting. Social events, concerts, and who knows what else. Itís not just a gallery, itís a meeting place, and creative resource.


Buy printed fabrics featuring Unseen Gallery art.  Learn about antique pattern revivals, and choose from a dozen different fabrics. Hundreds of unique designs.


budget matting and shrink wrapping for artists.  Also wholesale information.