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Cats and Coffee

These hand-made magnets are little art prints that you don’t have to frame, and that you know right where you are going to hang when you get them. Fade-proof printing, plastic coated for durability. $5 each.

Magnets are 2-3 inches, individually made by the artist. Expect variations in size, shape and color.

coffee angel
the donut fairy
Coffee Dragon
decaf fairy magnet

Coffee Fairies

espresso fairy
The Coffee Fairy

Notes on the Cats: Kiki, Wumpus, Stormy, and Fat Freddie are reproductions of acrylic miniature paintings, and are the same size as the originals. Golden Cats was a quick oil painting done to capture the way the light of the setting Autumn sun glowed in the fur of Pinkie and Remus. Jungle Cat is the ocelot at the Rio Grande Zoo, which obliged by staring at me suspiciously as I sketched its portrait.

kiki wants some

Kiki Wants Some

fat freddie's first snow.

Fat Freddie’s First Snow

grey cat


golden cats

Golden Cats

wumpus, persian cat
jungle cat

Jungle Cat



Wumpus, King of the Yard